Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve been trying to come up with something meaningful to write today. The idea of the magickal attitude of gratitude was on the top of my mind. But the most magickal part of that is making it a habit. It’s not meant to be relegated to one day out of 365. I’ve also been considering recounting all the things for which I’m grateful today, as so many others are doing. Well, that would be insane, because there is too much! It would be the world’s longest blog-post ever! So I’m going to quote my favorite film and then go about my day. I’m going to spend it enjoying all of those wondrous things for which I’m grateful.

The film is “Joe vs. the Volcano”. Yes, yes, I know, mixed reviews. For me it is a classic of symbolism. Joe’s journey from asleep to awake…. REALLY Awake… is beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes triumphant. There is a scene where Joe may be dying. He knows it. And instead of sadness, fear or remorse, it is gratitude that overcomes him, and a realization that our time should never be wasted. He looks up at that gigantic moon, struggles to stand and raise his arms and says:
“Dear God, whose name I do not know…. Thank you! Thank you for my life! I forgot…. how…. BIG!”

joe moon

And that is all.   Enjoy your blessings today and all days!!

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