Other Worlds

I’ve been living in a world, lately, that is not ideal. I haven’t been taking very good care of my earthly temple. I’ve not been getting outside enough or eating healthy enough, etc. I’ve also been slacking on my spiritual practices and intellectual pursuits.

I fall back into this from time to time throughout my life. I don’t know why. But I do know that it causes me a certain amount of distress. I become depressed. My magick suffers. My writing suffers (as evidenced by the fact that my previous blog post to this one was over 6 months ago). I suffer.

Whenever I allow this to happen, eventually, I receive messages about changing my habits and getting back to the things that center and focus me.

Last night, I dreamt that I was like I am now, older, gray hair, etc. but my daughter, who is actually 25 years old now, was still a small child (between 8 and 10). In my dream world, children her age had been going missing, so I sat down to talk to her about it. She said she knew what was going on and that there was a sort of alternate reality, where they needed more children, especially children who had the power of belief. Parents were invited to join, as long as they had the power of belief as well. So, most kids who tried to explain this other reality to their parents just before they “disappeared” were not believed or were perceived as having some kind of non-real fantasy.

I chose to believe my child and she took me to this place where we stepped through a doorway and then onto a large wooden sailing ship, but it did not sail on the water, it sailed the sky – or some version of the sky that most of us couldn’t see.  

There was a crowd boarding this ship, a long line of people (mostly children) waiting to see two gentlemen (perhaps a captain and first mate?) who were dressed rather like pirates, but wore smiles and seemed friendly. Before passing these men, each person was told something, which, at first, I couldn’t hear. It was almost like an interview process. As I came closer to the front of the line, I could hear that the men were speaking a language I didn’t understand. But I did understand, that each person was being given a new name (for their new realm, I suppose). Both of these men were dark skinned. The captain had dreadlocks. The mate’s head was covered in a dark red scarf. Their facial features looked similar to the Aboriginal peoples of Australia.


My daughter was in front of me and they greeted her and let her pass, because she had been there before. They knew her. I didn’t hear her new name.

Then, it was my turn and the captain, after bending down to greet children for a time straightened up to look at me. He smiled, then spoke in that foreign language to the first mate. He reached out and touched my hair. He smiled and said something again to the other man. He then gave me my new name. I can’t remember the sound of the word he said, but I understood it to have something to do with silver, like my hair.

I passed into this other realm with a feeling of welcome, a feeling that I was being well-received by the people there, with respect and admiration. And my daughter and I were grateful and happy to be there, and thankful, as well that, because of our belief, we were able to go on this adventure, instead of experiencing a tragedy.

Upon waking from this dream, I wrote down all the details I could remember and tried to solidify the images in my mind’s eye.

During my morning coffee and interwebs perusal, I came upon a post in a facebook group on magick. One of the members was conducting an experiment involving portals and belief. He was going to find a natural “doorway” of sorts, like an alleyway or a gate or something like two trees close together, and pass through, accepting and believing that, on the other side, was a different reality. He would stay “there” for a week, take lots of notes on anything that seemed different and return through the same portal. After several experiments, if he thought it was a viable bit of magick, he would try it once more, this time with a very specific intention about precisely what reality was beyond the portal. It would be a world in which a particular desire of his already existed.

I thought it was a great experiment and began thinking about how I might do something like that. It wasn’t until later, while driving to work that I realized there were some links between this idea and the dream I’d just had (portals, other worlds, belief). Upon the heels of this thought was the awareness that, when I receive messages that are meaningful via the wondrous phenomenon known as synchronicity, they generally arrive in 3’s. I’m going to venture a guess that the third one is a tool that my psyche uses to convince me that that these are “real synchronicities” and not simple coincidence.

When I got to work and checked my phone I saw a post by a friend that had to do with cathedrals and it reminded me of a quote by John Muir about the cathedrals we find in nature, like the majestic rocks and views at Yosemite National Park.

I couldn’t remember the exact wording, so, when I arrived at work station, I began searching Muir quotes online. The first one that I noticed in a list of many was, “Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life.” That was 3.

But possibly, the universe (or what have you) would like me to stop limiting myself with that number.

Every so often, I take myself off on a little weekend retreat. It’s usually within driving distance and I generally want the following things: 1) to be alone and to have some silent contemplation time; 2) preferably in a beautiful place to commune with nature, hiking trails, etc.; 3) nearby to a nice town area where a little shopping can be done, antiques or crystals or something like that; and 4) nearby to a place where I can acquire some deep relaxation (hot springs; outdoor hot-tub; spa massage services, etc.).

I decided that this Portal adventure would be a good time to plan one of my little retreats and to find my portal on one of the hikes. I am very happy and thankful to live within a short drive of Sedona, AZ. So, I began searching for deals on hotels for this upcoming weekend. I found one, very reasonably priced…. on Portal Lane.

There was number 4. I can only assume this trend will continue, which is delightful! My retreat is planned. I will find a portal and I will pass through.
On my next writing, I’ll fill you in on how it all works out. That is, assuming of course, that you exist in that other world as well!


Happy Travels!


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