May’s Flower Moon Ritual!

Hello dear readers! As I am unable to host a ritual at Witch in the World’s Cottage for May’s full moon, I thought I would give you this ritual that you can perform in your own groups or even as a solitary practitioner. Feel free to use all or any of the components given here. Change it up! Make it your own! And Enjoy! Happy Manifesting!

The Flower Moon is about expansion, blooming, bursting forth with life and color and beauty. It is a time of awakening, turning outward, expanding energies.

In preparation for this ritual, set yourself an intention which will be the focal point for the magickal working of this ritual. This should be some area of your life where you want grand, quick, explosive, expansive growth. Do you want your business to boom? Or your love life to be suddenly action packed? Would you like to have sudden prolific creativity for your art or work? Think it over a bit and discover what specific are of your life needs expansion.

Now you will prepare a talisman to be used in ritual. I used rocks on which I painted flowers, but be creative! Think of a talisman that is representative of the energies of blooming flowers and have it (or them) ready before your ritual. As you choose and create the talisman, think about your specific intention.

Make your altar and ritual space flowery and colorful. If you include worship of god and goddess in your rituals, choose representations of them for your altar, like candles or statues or images.

Create Sacred Space!

There are many ways to do this. Without going into excruciating detail, I’ll share my usual process.
1. Cleansing and clearing the space: I will typically smudge and use consecrated water and salt mixture to sprinkle around the space, as well as incense and a candle representing the light of spirit.  This consecrates the space with the elemental energies.

2. Cast a circle.  There innumerable incantations which can be used to do this.  Visualize a space around you and your company that is intended to protect, and shield as well as to contain the energies and powers raised during the working.

3. Call quarters.  I tend to call guardians from the four cardinal directions, invoking the elementals that correspond.

4. Invoke Deity.  Bring in the generic god and goddess or the god and goddess of your choosing.  Always invoke with respect and gratitude.  I usually light a candle for each to represent their presence in circle.

5.  The working!  I designed this particular working specifically for May’s Flower Moon.  Place your talisman or group of talismans in a bowl on the altar.  At the right moment you are going to direct the energy that you’ve raised into the talismans.

And you will be raising that energy by Blooming!

Here’s how?  If you are in a group, form a spiral in the center of the circle.  This should be a very tight spiral, like a bud, everyone’s head is bowed.  Link your arms together, close in shoulder to shoulder, as close as you can get.

The acting high priestess  should be on the outside end and will read the following visualization.  But this is not a calm, serene, meditative  visualization.  This should generate energy, beginning with a certain amount of tension between the participants as they stand shoulder to shoulder.  I chose to set this to a karaoke version of “Right Now” by Van Halen.  It had the right tempo and the right rise of the energy of the song. It also begins with a piano that sounds a bit like rain.  But choose whatever music works for you.

During the “blooming” think about flowers bursting into bloom – high speed, one after the other – every beat of the music will be another bloom – until – when the high priestess says “Right NOW! BLOOM!”   everyone takes a step back, opening the spiral and raising arms to the sky, placing all the energy into the cone that forms at the top of the circle.  As the priestess is reading this, her voice is rising in excitement and volume until it is practically a scream by the end.

The high priestess will then use a sword, athame, wand or her fingers to collect that energy and direct it into the bowl of talismans.

If you are performing this ritual as a sole practitioner, you’ll have to read through the visualization several times before the ritual and practice running through the scenario in your mind’s eye, until you feel confident that you can raise energy with it.  You would simply crouch down and make yourself small, arms folded, head down, until the right cue in the music comes and then you stand and bloom as above.

The Music Starts..
“ It’s raining. You’re in a field of green. Vast, endless green, leaves, stems and buds, ready to bloom. You actually feel the pressure of growth around you. You become aware that you are one of them, one of these wildflowers. Your roots, delicate but strong, stretch and intertwine into the ground.

You can feel the nutrients drawn up from the earth to your stem, to your bud. The tension and energy is building. The rain has stopped and the clouds are clearing now. The warmth of the sun beats down on you… enticing your bud to open.

You are at the ready – with an urgent need to burst forth in color, in brilliance. You notice some of the green field in the distance changing.

Sudden color begins to transform the field. One flower after another explodes open with it’s beautiful petals encouraging the bloom next to it. The full spectrum of colors is represented here… the rainbow, the bursting open spreads towards you.

Each bloom more vivid than the one before… closer to you. Continue seeing the flowers bloom!

Every beat of the music is another bursting forth of color! And another …. And another!! … they keep coming. You look to the other side of the field and see the color and blooming spreading there as well.

The power of the sun and the earth and the energy of this full moon are coursing through you… stronger and stronger. It’s so hard to contain!

Another bloom and another … nearer they come….

All you need is the energy of a close-by bloom to fulfill your purpose… they keep blooming … closer and closer, a red, a yellow one – a brilliant blue, a purple so bright it hurts your eyes… one bloom another!
Another Closer to you and Closer . . . see each one in your mind’s eye – how beautiful… how much you long to become – to open – to LIVE in the Sunshine! …
until finally…. RIGHT NOW! BLOOM!

The priestess now gathers the energy raised and directs it into the talismans.  When she gives the sign that this is done, each practitioner is invited to take their talisman.

6.  After the working, in my tradition, is the celebration of the Great Rite.  But this can be a celebration of any kind you like.  This is a time for joy and confidence in the work that you’ve done.  You must contain within yourself a solid belief that your magick is powerful and is successful.  This is also a time for some form of exaltation of the god and goddess.

7.  Cakes & Ale.  At this time I usually pass around cakes and ale (or cookies and wine or fruits and champagne, whatever you like and think is appropriate).  These are shared among all the practitioners as a final celebration.

8.  Bidding farewell to the god and goddess and the elemental energies that were invoked.  They are usually dismissed in the opposite order in which they were invoked.  Last in, first out, etc.

9. Opening circle.  Again, this can be done in many different ways.  The idea is that the sacred space that you have built should be taken up again, as though cleaning up after yourself.


And there you have it.  The Flower Moon!  Use it as you like and may your magick be powerful!

Please feel free to put questions in the comments at the bottom of this post if you have any!

Blessed Be!



Note: all sources for pictures are linked to the images except for the author’s original photography.

Magick is Real and It’s YOU!


I want to share with you, dear reader, some of my struggles. We’ve all been there, right? Sometimes life is just damned difficult.

In this blog, I’ll share with you about a time when I was deeply struggling with a lot of things, motherhood and sobriety in particular. It was when I began to discover what was inside of me, or perhaps what I was, what I am… what we all are- Magick.

You see, Magick is REAL. In fact you’re made of it. And because you don’t know/believe this down to your core, you’re playing way too damn small.

Even many self-proclaimed witches who practice spell-craft on the regular are playing too small. Because wielding the power of Magick in your life can change everything. It’s not just the ability to manifest that career or love-life that you desire (although it does that too!). It’s the ability to change the world, starting with yourself.

You and Magick are one and the same. But perhaps you haven’t met your personal Magick yet. I know a way that you and Magick can become intimately acquainted, leading to the intuitive and pervasive knowing that you ARE Magick.

I did not always have that knowing. At a time in my life, in early sobriety, I was experiencing panic attacks, night terrors and uncovering memories of a deeply traumatic childhood. I was being tossed about in the waves of my live with nothing to reach for, nothing to hold on to.

I also had a toddler; Maggie. She was beautiful, bright and willful as hell! And with all of the emotional upheaval I was going through, Maggie flung the most difficult challenges at me. I was drowning in the depths!

I remember a day when visitors to our home brought her a little gift. It was an M&M shaped tin, full of M&M’s, so, basically a million dollars to a three year old.

We were still in that phase where she needed prompting for polite behavior, so, as the tin was handed down to her, I reminded her, “Say Thank You.”

Maggie looked at me, doubtful, with her hand on her million dollar green tin full of happiness and remained silent. I said “If you don’t say Thank You, you can’t have it.”

She shot me a look full of baby daggers and much more disdain that a three-year-old should be capable of mustering, and, Little Miss Maggie turned her little body around and walked out of the room, without saying Thank You – and without the tin.

I felt my head dip under the surface of the water. Clearly, I was in trouble.

Maggie’s defiance and attitude had me screaming at her daily, right in her face, at the top of my lungs. Honestly, it amounted to child abuse and my lack of self-control had me crying myself to sleep every night over how horrible a mother I was.

I went under the waives again, unable to draw breath.

My emotions were ragged and I felt like I had no control, no ability to pause and think before blowing up at her over something. I’d heard a lot about the idea of “responding instead of reacting” but I had no idea how to get there. I was deeply worried that, because of my childhood, I couldn’t be a good mother to my child.

A part of the treatment I’d found for my own emotional difficulties was meditation. And when I first started to learn meditation, with the help of a teacher, I was convinced that I just couldn’t do it. I believed that I was simply a person with some kind of mental flaw that rendered me incapable of deep meditation.

My mind would race with a million thoughts that I couldn’t seem to quiet. One thought would lead to another and another until meditation was the farthest thing from what I was doing. I was told by someone that I had “monkey brain”. I assumed that, for me, this was a permanent condition.

I was given a number of different techniques to try, such as staring at a candle flame, listening to certain sounds, walking meditation, etc. And still, those thoughts would abound in my head and I felt like a meditation failure.
And with my daughter, when she would act out and I would still yell at her, I felt like a parenting failure as well. And for the third (and final?) time, I went under. Would I simply be swept out to sea? Would that be better for all concerned anyway?



What I didn’t realize at the time was that there was progress. The number of thoughts had decreased over time and with practice. And I just kept trying.

I found a guided meditation tape that seemed to help me move a little further along. The words and the imagined journey helped me focus and get to a place where the thoughts would subside for a bit.

And with Maggie, I was becoming aware a little sooner, each time I screamed, that she had triggered some painful switch in me that caused me to react that way.

I was failing forward. A life preserver appeared.

And then came the day when I was listening to that guided meditation and I lost time. I ended the meditation and realized that, for part of it, even if just a few minutes, “I” was gone. The awareness of “self” that we all walk around with had vanished for a while. And the relentless thinking had stopped.

What took the place of all that thinking was just bliss. It was utterly indescribable but in that bliss I felt the whispered, pervasive and irrefutable truth. “You are VASTLY more than you believe yourself to be.”

And I took a deep breath of air.

Then, one day, not long after that brief but blissful success in my meditation, I responded to Maggie instead of reacting.
She was throwing a crying fit about the way I cut up some vegetables and I knelt down at eye-level with her and I became fully attentive to my child in that moment, simply, totally present. I said nothing, but I looked at the pieces of broccoli and looked at Maggie with a concerned expression on my face.

And she stopped crying and stared at me. We both looked at the broccoli and suddenly I took a piece and popped it in my mouth and chewed in an exaggerated way. She smiled a little at that. And so, I wondered aloud whether the broccoli tasted differently, having been cut this way.

So, she tried one and very thoughtfully chewed and tasted it. Then she looked at me and said, “Nope! Tastes the same!” and took the plate back to her seat at the table and happily munched and suddenly, I could swim.

It was a miracle. I had met my personal Magick. My meditation practice was the first step in discovering the Truth of my vast Magickal self. And I was beginning to discover how to wield it with power and purpose.

Maggie’s 24 now, and we have an awesome relationship. I’ve been practicing meditation and witchcraft for over 20 years and my personal Magick has helped me through many other struggles as well. I’ll share some of those with you some time.

How can you meet your personal Magick and take that first step towards being the active creator of your world?

If you’ve tried meditation and struggled with it like I did, or if you’ve never tried it but are looking for a way in, I have a gift for you.

I’ve developed and recorded a 20-minute guided meditation (similar to the one that sparked my first success) utilizing my years of experience and my desire to liberate souls.

It is backed by music which features binaural beats which are formulated to help your brain reach more relaxed wave-states and aid in your ability to find deeper meditation.

This guided journey incorporates the six elements I’ve discussed before, bringing you through connection to Earth, Fire, Water and Air, to Spirit and finally to Void, where your Magick self is waiting.

Start your journey by signing up for Inner Court emails to receive your free guided meditation to try it out. As an Inner Courtier of Witch in the World, you’ll be the first to learn of events, workshops, freebies and specials.

To subscribe, scroll up and enter your  e-mail in the Subscribe window in the left-hand side bar.

And we’ll talk some more about other ways to rescue from the depths, that limitless Magickal power that is YOU!

7 Things You Need for Transformation

Dragonfly image source:  Butterfly Image Source:


So you want to change?  You want something different?

If your desire to change goes down to your core, if it has you wanting to smash all your good china, kick your boss in the shins while screaming, “I QUIT!” or get in your car and just drive, never to return, then you just might be ready for a transformation.


Driving Away Image Source:

It’s no little thing.

Think about the examples; Butterflies, Dragonflies – going from something that crawls to something that flies and enduring almost complete annihilation of the former being.

Tadpoles;  changing the very element that sustains and holds you.

It’s dangerous.  It’s radical.  It takes a very particular frame of mind and set of guts. It takes everything you’ve got.

So here are 7 ingredients needed to help you transform.  The order is not always the same and the magnitude of each may vary, but all of these things (and probably more) are always required.

So here goes.  Hang on to that plate for a minute, resist the urge to kick the boss and put the car in park.  Maybe, just maybe, you can do this without totally destroying your life.

1.  Willingness

sad caterpillar
Sad Caterpillar Image Source:

The desire or willingness to transform usually comes from some form of dissatisfaction with “What Is”.  Sometimes it can be triggered by an event. Or it can happen sort of spontaneously.  See my previous blog, “Spontaneous Initiation” for more on that.

Or… if you can grasp an understanding of the process, you can choose to go through a transformation to change some aspect of your life that is not currently working well.

Please NOTE!  You can choose to go through it, but you cannot choose all of the steps along the way.  Real transformation involves confronting the unknown as you will see below.  So a willingness to suffer, to delve, to work hard is necessary.  Whether this happens because you are just so sick of “What Is”, or whether it begins by choice, the work and pain cannot be avoided.

2.  Courage

alien atmosphere

Alien Atmosphere Image Source:

Another thing about real transformation is that you can’t know the outcome, not entirely.  If you truly knew and understood the being that is on the other side of that miraculous change, then you would already BE that.  But going in, the transformed self that will emerge is a mystery.  The person you are before doesn’t take the same nourishment, may not even breathe the same air as that new being.  It’s like treading into an alien atmosphere without a space suit.  Bravery is needed!

3.  Descent/Darkness

dark scary cave
 Dark Scary Cave Image Source:

Transformation requires darkness. It requires turning inward to the self and facing difficult truths. The butterfly folds itself into the chrysalis.  The dragonfly dwells down in the mud under the water for most of its early life.  This dwelling with the shadow self and taking a good hard look at “What Is” and “Why It Is”  is a necessary component for change.

And the darkness itself is part of why we see transformation as miraculous.  Rising  out of that darkness into such light is astounding to all who witness it.  (Hint: That’s why it’s worth it!)

4.  New Information

Transformation always requires the assimilation of a new truth.  This will almost undoubtedly conflict with some other deeply held belief you’ve had.  The old, deeply held belief may not even be conscious at the beginning.  (See above regarding descent and shadow work to uncover it.)

Then, once the two conflicting bits of information are discovered you who wish to transform, you who are deep in the mud, or encased in the chrysalis with your shadow must dwell there with both conflicting beliefs for a time.

 This causes dissonance.  Dissonance is VERY uncomfortable.  But this is such a crucial stage.  This is where the old you begins to dissolve and re-form into the new!

Two Wolves

This stage reminds me of the old Native American fable of the Two Wolves.  The grandfather is telling stories to the children, describing two wolves who struggle always inside of you.  One holds the truth and the light and one holds only falsehood and darkness and they fight viciously!  The children enquire – “Grandfather! Which wolf wins the fight?”

Grandfather answers, “The one you feed.”

Two Wolves Image Source:

This is something you may want to keep in mind while struggling through this transformation process.  Consciously look for proof of the new information and consciously decide to debunk the old at every turn.  This is how you’ll win out.

5.  Acceptance/Death

Can you embrace the belief that flight is possible for you?  Even if it means the destruction of the crawling you?   Transformation demands it!

Light breaking throughAt some point in this process the impending annihilation of the old you will rear up and strike a deep fear in your heart.  You have to let go of the old you BEFORE you know what the new you will actually be like.  You have to be willing to die to one life and emerge in a new one.  The more calm acceptance you can cultivate in your time in the darkness, the easier this transition will be.  Meditation and spiritual practice can help in this regard.  Take your time to nurture you while you’re down in the dark.  It’s the only way.


Light breaking through image source:

6.  Strength/Resurrection

A time will come when you have a sense that it is time to break out.  But depending on the depth of your transformation and the length of time spent in the mud, there is a danger that you’ll get trapped in the dark.

Breaking out of the old skin/shell/chrysalis takes a tremendous amount of power.  Collect yourself and remember that all that time in the dark has been building you up for this moment.  Be like this guy and just bust the hell out!


Breaking Out of Shell Image Source:

7.  Blinking Emergence into the Light and Lift-off!

You will blink and squint at the brightness after emerging. It’s only natural.  Time is needed to assess what you’ve become and to understand how this new life works.

Sustaining this new being, which went from the stillness and dark of breathing water and mud to the spectacular freedom of breathing the clear air and flying in the sunlight, is an important task.  It requires reflection, maintenance and vigilance to not fall back into old familiar depths.

Child Squinting Image Source:  Woman Shielding Image Source:



Take flight, you wonderful new and amazing being!  Rejoice in your success and keep it going!  Fly where you will – to find the next big challenge!




Dragonfly Image Source:

And here’s a bonus for you, dear reader!  A Transformational trigger experience!  Do you see that beautiful blue butterfly photo at the top of the article?  That was taken by Maria Bird, Strategic Motivator.  She is hosting an amazing event at the end of this month called Transformational Hiking

Here’s the facebook event page.

If you are in New York – or anywhere near the Hudson Valley, I highly recommend this Mega-Workshop!

Transformational Hiking


I traveled to New York from Arizona to take it last year. Maria Bird , having experienced her own incredible transformation, is absolutely expert at conveying this important information in a way that is easily understood, exciting and motivating! There is so much knowledge and power packed into this experience (and all in such a beautiful and inspiring location!) you will end the day feeling exhilarated and ready to take on the world! Worth. Every. Penny! Call her immediately!

6 Elements – YES, 6! How and Why we Invoke them In Ritual

6 Elements – YES, 6!

How and Why We Invoke Them In Ritual



Let’s begin with the four elements that everyone already knows about.

So, we witches cast a circle (or create sacred space) and we “Ward it”.  This means that we invoke protective energies in order to hold the space stable and to ward off unwanted entities that might be attracted to the bright between-the-world space that we’ve just created.

Many of us refer to this practice as “Calling the Quarters”.  The Quarters refer to the four cardinal directions and each direction represents one of the initial four elements to be invoked.  These serve as a protection, yes, but also as a foundation.

Think of them as four pillars…. Or even The Four Pillars (To Know; To Will; To Dare; To Keep Silent).  That could be a whole other article… Yay! Inspiration!

In addition to protection and foundation, each of the elements brings its own specific energies to help to power the magickal working or ritual.


In any magickal working or witch’s ritual there is a lot of visualization goin on.  This is a talent which MUST be cultivated in order to be successful in your craft.

I have a friend who says that Wicca, in particular, is the religion of chatchkes.  He’s right!  We witches just LOOOOVE our “Things”!

We have the Athame or black-handled knife, wand, chalice mortar & pestle, censor, salt and water bowls, pentacle, boleen or white-handled knife, etc. etc. etc.

(Don’t forget to add crystals, the God and Goddess candle holders, plates and bowls for cakes and libations and general witchy altar decorations).  And each of those things represents an element as well, but that is yet ANOTHER article!   Believe me, when you’re a witch, you end up with a lot of stuff!

Witch altar

Image Source:

Ooh!  There’s another article; Dollar Stores, Yard sales, Home Goods and witchy supplies!

We love ALL of the STUFF!  But the truth is that any Witch worth her salt can perform a full ritual and/or magickal working without ANY of that!

It’s all in the visualization.  If you don’t believe that, then I don’t see how you can make magick.

So, in order to work with the elements we visualize them.  Some witches envision large guardian humanoid beings or even Archangels. Some have a different animal representing each quarter.


Image Source:

In the four cardinal directions, I visualize Gargoyles, protective forces carved on buildings of old. They tend to resemble this fellow!  Yea… nothing’s getting through that.   I frequently wish I had a talent for drawing or painting so that I could show you what they look like in all of their splendor and awesome bigness!  Each one is made of their respective element.

You should choose what works for you!

We invoke them by facing in the appropriate cardinal direction, calling to those energies, guardians, watchtowers or what have you.  We name them, we honor them, we request their presence and we welcome them when they arrive.  As an example, the basic quarter call that I was taught, early on, comes from “A Witch’s Bible” by Janet and Stewart Farrar, and it goes like this:

“Guardians of the Watchtowers of the (direction), Ye Lords of (element), I do summon, stir and call you up, to witness this Rite and to Guard this circle.  Hail and Welcome!”

Likewise when we close circle, we recite a similar banishing incantation to release, thank and bid farewell.  The exact words used are not important.  The intention is what matters.

Most Witches certainly know about the four elements, of Air, Fire, Water and Earth.  And many know of the fifth; Spirit. So I’ll be sharing more briefly about these first five since you’ve likely heard about, used and experienced these energies already in your workings.

You’ve likely experienced the 6th as well, but without your conscious awareness.

So, I’m going to spend a bit more time discussing the 6th because you need it, witches!  More to come on that!

Elemental cover image

Image Source:


  • The Witch’s Element of Air

Cardinal Direction: East

Color: Yellow  (Sometimes white)

Alchemical Symbol:          Air

Image Source:

Platonic Solid: Octohedron      yellow octohedron


Image Source:



Pillar:  To Know

Air moves, carries seeds in its winds and transports things like pollen, spores, even heat.  It can be a light breeze through the trees or gale force winds.  Air is the element associated with transmission of information, language, communication, thought, memory, intelligence, bestowing and reception of wisdom and insight. In our working this will help to bring about our personal understanding of the work at hand. It will open the door for us to receive the teaching of the ritual, because magick, first and foremost, changes the practitioner.


  • The Witch’s Element of Fire

Cardinal Direction: South

Color: Red  (Sometimes orange)

Alchemical Symbol:       Fire

Image Source:




Platonic Solid:  Tetrahedron:    Red Tetrahedron


Image Source:


Pillar:  To Will

The element of Fire can be likened to the Hindu term “Shakti” or the power to act.  Fire consumes, lights, heats and cooks (think Alchemy and transformation).  It represents the passion and drive and determination that get you to your goals.  Whatever your working or spell, you will want these energies to be present in order to complete the necessary transformation.


  • The Witch’s Element of Water:

Cardinal Direction: West

Color: Blue

Alchemical Symbol:  Water

Image Source:

Platonic Solid: Icosahedron       Blue Icosahedron

Image Source:–2

Pillar:    To Dare

Water flows and moves in tune with its solid surroundings.  It will take the shape of the vessel which holds it.  Water can be a drop in a puddle sending out tiny ripples or it can be a grand force that carves canyons. It can be deep or shallow.  Water represents our emotions and our unconscious (that which lies beneath), mystery, inspiration and prophesy.  This is a deep well of power for the witch, which is why, when we call water, many of us also call the Lords of Death and Initiation.  The power of Water not only brings an unstoppable force (our unconscious) to the working, but also allows the practitioner to be malleable enough to accept the changes to come without losing herself.


  • The Witch’s Element of Earth:

Cardinal Direction: North

Color: Green (sometimes black)

Alchemical Symbol:     Earth

Image Source:

Platonic Solid: Cube       Green Cube

Image Source:

Pillar:   To Keep Silent

Earth is the element of solidity and all things tangible. Think of rocks, trees and literal earth.  It represents safety and security, stability and things taking shape (think diamonds!).  The idea of a spell or magickal working, for the most part, is to bring something out of nothing.  So think of the earth element as the Higgs Boson of the craft.  It give matter to your intent.


  • The Witch’s Element of Spirit:

Color: White (sometimes golden or violet)

Direction:  Straight UP.

Alchemical Symbol:       spirit

Image Source:

Platonic Solid: Dodecahedron       Crystal Dodecahedron

image source:

So, within our circle or in a magickal working, we invoke or call upon deity.  In this way we are asking for the cooperation of Spirit in our workings.  We may be working with a particular deity that is appropriate to our desired outcome or simply with “The Universe”.  But we are creating and creation is the realm of the gods.  Being in the company of other creators, improves our personal power and will for success!

And finally, 6) The Witch’s Element of Void:

I find it very interesting that a group of people who say they’re all about magick, and who presumably perform magick on a regular basis, I’ve encountered so few of you seem to have an awareness of  (and even fewer still acknowledge in ritual) the sixth element: Void.


Image Source:

Take a look at this Pentacle.  Yes, it has the five points.  But you’ll note that the witch’s pentacle is not a solid, 5 pointed star within a circle (that’s more of a Sheriff’s symbol!).  It is a 5 pointed star drawn with open spaces.  The straight lines that form it cross over one another and form five negative spaces within the points.  Now look at the open or negative space pentagon in the center.  What does it represent?  That’s right. Void.

I’ve spoken about our magical workings being a form of creation.  And I’ve spoken about the elements lending their energies to bring something (your magickal intent) about.  Well, Void is what we create FROM.


Image Source:

The Big Bang is a great example, because there was literally NOTHING – a dark formless void – and then – there was EVERYTHING.

That dark formless void was the necessary starting point because it is pure potentiality. In the void, anything is possible.

And that is the root of manifestation.  It is that liminal place of things to be.  It is THE proverbial cross-roads, where a decision is made and something comes into being.  In physics it’s known as the Implicate Order.

All the magic in the universe dwells in this place and your intention, your goal, your working is pulled FROM it!  And it utilizes all of those other elements with which you’ve surrounded yourself.

I recommend recognizing void in your circles and in your magickal workings.  It’s like the gunshot that starts the race. I tend to invoke Void’s energy right after invoking Deity.   There are a number of ways to do that.  A simple acknowledgment and awareness of the presence of void is a good start. You can use a black candle or an empty black vessel if you like, as a symbol.

But here’s my favorite invocation.   After I call in Deity and before I begin my working, I say, “I call upon the dark and formless void, the cross-roads of magick.  I stand in the place of pure potentiality to which my words and working give form.  As I decree it, so mote it be!”

You’re welcome.

Spontaneous Initiation

Way back when I was a little baby witchlet and a dedicant to be initiated into a coven, my teacher/ high priestess taught me about what she termed “spontaneous initiation”.  This is almost exactly like spontaneous human combustion, but different… I’ll explain.


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“Wait! Back up. Is being a dedicant like being a pledge to a sorority or fraternity?”

No, it’s much worse.  In addition to spending a year and a day being regularly embarrassed, made to do outrageously weird things, being stripped naked, tied up and flogged (only SORT OF joking), you also have to learn stuff.  A LOT of stuff (some of which I’ll share with you, dear reader in subsequent blogs!).

Now, back to Spontaneous Initiation.  First you’ll need to have a basic understanding of what initiation into a coven is like.  When you are initiated you are put through a ritual which is intended to symbolize the process of (i) struggle and awakening in the mundane realm of daily life, followed by (ii) descent into the unknown, (iii) spending a little time in the scary, depressing dark, a period many refer to as “the dark night of the soul”, (iv) further descent into death, then, (v) rebirth followed by (vi) vows and oaths of dedication and secrecy, amid (vii) threats of utter annihilation if said oaths are broken.  Sounds like fun, right??

Spontaneous Initiation is when all of the above sort of appears in your life seemingly without your asking for it.

“Wait! You mean all of that horrible initiation stuff just, like, HAPPENS? For REALZ??”

Yes. Well, maybe not the vows and oaths of secrecy, but all the other stuff, yes.  I’m going through one right now! (JOY!)

See this Tarot card right here?  This one?  With the big building cracking and crumbling and being struck by lightning… the one with the people jumping out of it?  This is the Initiation card.

Tower Marchetti

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What my high priestess taught me about this is that, sometimes, when you make a major decision with your whole mind, body and soul (for example the decision to join a coven, or perhaps to really work on integrating your shadow, or start a new business that is truly soul inspired), you become an “attractor” for situations that will put you through an initiation-like process.  The reason for this, as I understand it, is that, when we truly want to change, the part of us that is no longer serving the desired outcome, has to die, so that we can be rebirthed into that new life.

Or, the short version;


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Let me give you a real-life example. Me. Right now.

So, a couple of months back I began ramping up my magickal, witchy activities after a period of rest and renewal.  I started taking on new clients, teaching more classes and filling up my schedule with all sorts of fun things.  At the same time, I’ve been taking self improvement classes and delving deeply into my Shadow (ala Carl Jung).

And while I have done some of this kind of work before, I’m finding some new perspective and realizing that I’ve triggered my own spontaneous initiation.

Here are some of the things that have been “happening to me” lately.

My daughter brought up something that happened in her childhood that was particularly painful for her and revealed that she felt that something I did caused it and why.  We talked about it and I shed many tears and my heart hurt for days (still does, if I’m being honest), but it was a discussion that needed to take place.

rory lorelai

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I brought up a topic with my significant other that prompted another, extremely teary and scary conversation.  I’m not sure if this was a conversation that NEEDED to happen, but I felt like it was a departure from my usual “Keep it to yourself unless it’s immediately relevant” nature.  And maybe that departure is a good thing.  More openness in a relationship is good, right?  Right?  (It’s just, I still feel like I may have damaged a little piece of us, so I’m not sure.)

My dreams have become wildly vivid, deeply emotional, baffling and/or violent.  I wake up in various states of emotion every day and wonder WTF??

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a severe car accident.  I was driving 75 mph on a 6 lane highway. Someone hit my car, causing me to spin around into oncoming traffic and be struck, head-on, by another driver.  I was unhurt, miraculously.  So were all the other people involved.  The driver who hit me left the scene and has not been found.  My car was totaled (it was an older vehicle and did not have collision insurance).  Although I was unharmed, this incident has caused me some emotional trauma.  I had my first panic attack in years a few days after the accident.  I’m still a bit of a nervous wreck when I’m driving.  Oh, and I’m driving a new-to-me car. That’s the good news.  The bad news is that my financial situation at this time is such that I’ve done what I said I would never do again, that is, borrow money.

I’m struggling with various addictive behaviors which have really begun to BUG me and I realize I can no longer tolerate in myself.  This is known as battling inner demons.

battling demons

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There is also this menopause thing happening.  My body fluctuates between the temperature of the sun (there’s that spontaneous human combustion thing again!) and Antarctic chill about every five minutes.  Generally speaking, I feel like I want to jump out of my skin all the time.  I can’t focus.  I’m having a hard time performing the duties of my day job (which is, of course, indispensible, now that I’ve incurred debt!) and I’m pretty much on the verge of tears at every moment of every day.  Fun!

I recognize this feeling.  It’s Spontaneous Initiation.  You see, back in January, I made a decision.  I decided to change my life.  I decided to finally, really work on some of the areas of my life that I’d denied and ignored for a long time. This is equivalent to looking defiantly at the universe with your chin out and uttering the words, “Bring it!”

Well, “IT” has been brought, and is possibly still coming.   It’s good for me, ultimately (yay!). Don’t you just love that word – Ultimately?  It means not now.  It means, for now, you suffer.

I’m grateful that my teacher imparted this knowledge to me.  At least I know that all of this isn’t random.  All of these emotional upheavals have a purpose.  And at the end, there will be a new me!  Reborn.

baby witch

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Maybe you recognize this process happening in your life?   If so, fear not.  It may feel like your soul is on fire and there will be nothing left but a few charred cinders.  It may feel like dying, but it’s not the end. I promise. It’s a new beginning.

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Remembering Thanksgivings Past


My Mom was an awesome cook.  And we lived in a pretty big house when I was a kid.  She loved to host holidays and any party, really.  She would make everything perfect.  Mom always looked up new and trendy recipes and decorated thoughtfully.  Even the presentation of the food was special.  I was taught at a very young age the proper way to set a table.  Salad fork to soup spoon, water glass to wine goblet, I knew what went where and when to use them.  There were charger plates and napkin rings and table linens for every occasion.  Mom just made everything so special.  And the food was always ecstatically delicious!  She was Martha Stewart before there WAS a Martha Stewart!


I remember a Thanksgiving when I was about 8 years old, when I had pneumonia.  I was so disappointed that I just didn’t have enough energy or appetite to enjoy the festivities.  I made a mighty attempt, but in the end, I was relegated to my bed.  I couldn’t keep anything in my stomach and it was my saddest Thanksgiving.  But still, my family was around.  Mom brought me clear broth.  My Nana pressed a cool washcloth to my feverish forehead.  Pop-pop tried to make me laugh.  Uncle Al tried to sneak me some egg-nog, which I promptly threw up.  There was a lot of love.

As I grew older I was able to help in the kitchen and I learned how to cook like my Mom.  I enjoyed the elegance of the tables she set.  And sometimes the faces seated around the table would change.  Aunt Angie and Uncle Mike would sometimes join us along with various cousins, neighbors and friends.  Uncle Mike and I were born under the same astrological sign and he made that a point of solidarity between us.  We were the Aquarians of the family.  Aunt Angie brought a sweetness and a kind of charming humor to the table.  She and my Nana (her sister) were always sharing inside jokes and laughing together about things that seemed absolutely mystical and ancient to me.

pumpkin appetizers

There were some Thanksgiving adventures too.  One year our turkey, fully cooked, was stolen right out of our kitchen!  We ate pizza that year, with the usual Thanksgiving sides and there was a lot of laughter.  My mom actually sent out some positive thoughts to the person who may have been a simple teenage vandal or may have been a very hungry homeless person.  Either way, we had Thanksgiving and things for which to be thankful.



As this year’s Thanksgiving approaches, I want to honor those I’ve named here.  Mom, Nana, Pop-pop, Uncle Al, Uncle Mike and Aunt Angie have all passed on.  I miss them.  But I am remembering them because I’m truly grateful that I had them in my life.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.

For Constance Anne Galletta-Martin; Faye (Fanny) Galletta; Dominick Joseph Galletta;  Alfred Galletta; Michael Scudero; Angelina Scudero


My New Fitness Routine is Going Swimmingly!


A couple of months ago I began a new practice. I decided to form a habit of swimming laps each day. It has been a great journey. Instead of the old, reluctant, “Alright, I’ll go to the gym”, I now say, brightly, “I’m going for a swim!” Now, that may sound like I’m taking it easy, not pushing myself to my best health. In the end of May I began swimming laps, 50 laps each day. I vary the types of swim strokes for each lap. Freestyle is the most difficult for me. So, I include backstrokes, sidestrokes and breast strokes. (I read an article that said, “Even if you’re only doggie paddling, swimming can be effective.”) It was the best I could do at the time. My form was all over the place. I kept saying that by the end of the workout, I was basically just trying not to drown. After swimming just about every day for the last 60 days, I now swim 70 to 80 laps, with an increased number of freestyle strokes. I’ve added an underwater calisthenics routine to the end using the water resistance to make it more difficult. I have even increased the number of reps I do since beginning that. It sounds like I’m bragging… and I guess I am. I’m proud of myself, but I’m really not sure that I should be so proud. I’ve never found a regular workout to be so enjoyable. The reason that, at the beginning of this paragraph, I referred to it as a “practice”, as I do my spiritual practice, is that it has now become a part of that. So what follows is a typical swim for me, in poetic form. Who is fortunate enough to have a workout that sparks poetry? Well, just me, as far as I know. So here it is.


Lap #1 – I’m thinking, “ow, my shoulders hurt and I can barely breathe! I’ll be lucky to make it to 25 laps.

Lap #5 – Ok, this is getting better.

Lap #6 – is a rest lap, backstroke, my face is out of the water. I can breathe;

Lap #10 – powerful freestyle lap, look at me go!

Lap #15 – Oh, no, another freestyle lap… 30 laps today… that’s it… tops!

Lap #25 – Rythm – Yes! I will reach my goal;


Lap #27 – 7’s and 2’s are breaststroke laps, I improve my form, focus on the muscles moving;

Lap #30 – 10’s, 5’s and now 8’s and 9’s are all freestyle. A feeling of accomplishment comes in.

Lap #35 – Thank the gods the next lap is a backstroke!

Lap #41 – 1’s are always backstrokes, rest, breathe after the three consecutive freestyle laps you’ve just completed.

Lap #42 – Breaststroke. 42 reminds me of “the meaning of life”, and suddenly, everything’s zen. The water passing over my skin feels like silk. I notice the reflection of the rippling water casting flickering light on the sides of the pool. I hear the sound of my limbs moving through the pool from under the surface of the water. As I breathe, sometimes a little water comes into my mouth and I can tasted the chlorine. I spit out with the exhale and form a small rainbow in the sun with the spray. A bee buzzes by and I ask him, politely, to “Please, leave me bee”, as I simultaneously notice the smell of the nearby flowers, all while still performing my perfect form breaststroke.

water reflect

Lap #50 – this is how many I used to do. Piece of cake!

Lap #70 – Apparently “runner’s high” is not exclusive to runners. It’s 100 degrees outside and I’m suddenly feeling a chill, a tingle.

Lap #71 – and now I’m on a breaststroke again. Breathe, move, feel, flex muscles and a beautiful mermaid swims beneath me, facing me, smiling and glowing.


Lap #79 – I realize the mermaid is me (my shadow). I smile.

Lap #80 – Triumph!


Yea, this works for me.


Blessed be, readers!


What Thou Will


I’ve always thought of myself as a person of considerable will. (I seem to remember my mother inferring as much when I was a child, as well).

I was still in my teens when I had an understanding that, whatever goal I set for myself, I could accomplish it, as long as my personal will was strong enough. I never experienced failure in things about which I truly cared. That’s still true.

So yes, I am a woman of considerable will. But what does “Will” mean, exactly. Like most ideological concepts, its definition has changed and evolved for me over the years.

At first it was simply the force behind a strong desire, and a certainty about an outcome. I could make things happen. Will translated desire into action. Action. Persistent, consistent, driven Action created the desired outcome.

In my late teens and early twenties I went through an unhealthy period of alcohol addiction. Upon realizing that I was no longer acting out of my own will but allowing my life to be ruled by the next drink, I developed a desire to rid myself of that burden. I discovered self help groups which convinced me (for awhile) that I was powerless. The reasoning behind that claim of powerlessness is to promote total abstention, which I still believe was totally necessary for me, at that time. But the group discussions continued to focus on that powerlessness, not only over alcohol, but over everything. Let me be clear. I believe, still, that those groups saved my life. I needed sobriety. And the process and philosophy helped me get there. But my evolution required me to come to my own conclusions about life, about personal power and about Will.

My spiritual journey led me to witchcraft, not before stopping to sup, for awhile, at the tables of many other faith systems. I had begun a regular meditation practice, so, naturally, Buddhism caught my attention. Hinduism still holds a very sacred space in my heart. And Taoism just makes a lot of damn sense!

But when I came to understand the reverence for Nature, the concept that everything is connected and the worship of the Divine Feminine which is prevalent in Wicca and paganism, I knew I had come home. (*for now).  And when I discovered the tenets (and the science) of Magick, I came full circle to my belief in my own personal will.

There was a phrase repeated more times than I can count in my Catholic upbringing, and in the Christian based support group I had joined to become sober;

“Thy Will, Not Mine, Be Done.”

That carries a powerful (no, strike that!) PowerLESS message. It says, “I have no say in this. I am submissive. I bow to the will of another and accept whatever that may be.”

I had done that long enough. It wasn’t working.

When Wicca and witchcraft and spellcraft caught my attention, I began to believe, once again, in my considerable personal will. My. Spells. Work.  Nothing gives you more confidence than success. I have changed things, bent reality, achieved my desires with the use of witchcraft (fueled by my personal will).

I am a person of considerable will, after all.

In my studies about The Craft, I became familiar with Aleistar Crowley. This man put forth the idea that we are all like stars of the universe. Stars. That our orbits, unless corrupted by outside forces, are perfect and harmonious. And our orbits are determined by our own will.

Do what thou wilt be the whole of the law.  Love is the law.  Love under will.


So how does Crowley define Will?

The following passages are from, “Liber II The Message of The Master Therion”, Crowley’s explanation/interpretation of his prime directive, occasionally quoting from his seminal work, “Liber Legis” or “The Book of The Law”.

“…Again: “Thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that and no other shall say nay. For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.”

Take this carefully; it seems to imply a theory that if every man and every woman did his and her will–the true will–there would be no clashing. “Every man and every woman is a star,” and each star moves in an appointed path without interference. There is plenty of room for all; it is only disorder that creates confusion.

From these considerations it should be clear that “Do what thou wilt” does not mean “Do what you like.” It is the apotheosis of Freedom; but it is also the strictest possible bond.

Do what thou wilt–then do nothing else. Let nothing deflect thee from that austere and holy task. Liberty is absolute to do thy will; but seek to do any other thing whatever, and instantly obstacles must arise. Every act that is not in definite course of that one orbit is erratic, an hindrance. Will must not be two, but one.

Note further that this will is not only to be pure, that is, single, as explained above, but also “unassuaged of purpose.” This strange phrase must give us pause. It may mean that any purpose in the will would damp it; clearly the “lust of result” is a thing from which it must be delivered.

But the phrase may also be interpreted as if it read “with purpose unassuaged”–i.e., with tireless energy. The conception is, therefore, of an eternal motion, infinite and unalterable. It is Nirvana, only dynamic instead of static–and this comes to the same thing in the end.

The obvious practical task of the magician is then to discover what his will really is, so that he may do it in this manner…

Thou must (1) Find out what is thy Will. (2) Do that Will with a) one-pointedness, (b) detachment, (c) peace.

Then, and then only, art thou in harmony with the Movement of Things, thy will part of, and therefore equal to, the Will of God. And since the will is but the dynamic aspect of the self, and since two different selves could not possess identical wills; then, if thy will be God’s will, Thou art That.”

……”Thou Art That” … oooh those lovely Hindu philosophies that are stimulated and awakened at that phrase!

It doesn’t mean “Do What You Like”. It means, “Find your Purpose.” (and by the way, you find this by following your bliss ala Joseph Campbell). And when you find your true calling, you must follow it to the exclusion of all else, to the point that others might call madness.

To quote Sharon Devlin, from her interview which appeared in Margot Adler’s, “Drawing Down The Moon”, when asked to paraphrase Crowley’s statements,

“If we were all doing what we REALLY wanted to do, we would do it in perfect harmony. … If you were what you could be the best, and if you did what you loved to do with all your might, you would create such light and such power that it would give pizazz to everybody in your immediate area, and even those distant, perhaps.”

So, Crowley’s idea of “Do What Thou Wilt” is no feel-good, new-age, love & light bathed path to enlightenment. It is a driven, maniacal, bash-your-head-against-the-wall, frenzied run for the end-zone.

And the fact is that once you’ve found what you’re supposed be doing in this realm of existence, you’d better do everything you can, every day, to reach your goal.  And I pray that you are a person of considerable will.

You’ll need it.

** (for now) – Next up for the blog… Why I’m open to changing my beliefs an any moment.